Dharmvir Bharti | धर्मवीर भारती

Dharmvir Bharti

Vida deti ek dubli baanh

विदा देती एक दुबली बाँह सी यह मेड़
अंधेरे में छूटते चुपचाप बूढ़े पेड़

ख़त्म होने को ना आएगी कभी क्या
एक उजड़ी माँग सी यह धूल धूसर राह?
एक दिन क्या मुझी को पी जाएगी
यह सफर की प्यास, अबुझ, अथाह?

क्या यही सब साथ मेरे जायेंगे
ऊँघते कस्बे, पुराने पुल?
पाँव में लिपटी हुई यह धनुष-सी दुहरी नदी
बींध देगी क्या मुझे बिलकुल?

Poetry in storytelling or storytelling in poetry?

Many of us know Dharmvir Bharti as a novelist. Titles like ‘Gunaho ka Devta’ are popular in every Indian household. However, Dharmvir Bharti was also an equally mesmerizing poet as he was a novelist and a playwright.

I’ve been specially inclined to read the master works of authors who dabbled in both storywriting as well as poetry. It is a nuanced art – balancing both poetry and stories. Many writers often believe otherwise. Popular notion goes that storywriting and poetry go hand in hand, co-exist on the same plane and often require the same mindset.

On the contrary, although both come from the same gene of writing, poetry and storywriting are different. Consider this poem, ‘Vide deti ek dubli baanh’, the title indeed fits both for a story and a poem. But as Dharmvir starts emphasizing on the details of the journey, dubli baanh se yeh med’, he moves from the plane of storywriting to pure poetry. He sets the mood with the first line, vida na degi kya kabhi’ and then moves on to present a beautifully painted picture of a village. He does not go into characters, he moves into the details of the scene. Something commonly seen in classical poetry. Reading Dharmvir’s works of poetry is like reading a travelogue. Specially this one, ‘ujadi maang si yah dhool dhoosar raah’, and ‘oonghte kasbe purane pul’. Dharmvir weaves poetic finesse in every word and this is what had enthralled his readers for years.


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